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When it comes to throwing a memorable and exciting corporate cocktail party, our entertainment services are definitely worth exploring. There is much planning involved, but if you take your time and consider as many different options as possible, you’ll be able to think up the most incredible combinations.

For example: have you given much thought to any theme ideas? It’s all very well throwing a corporate cocktail party, but how about going one better and creating an exciting theme for your employees to immerse themselves in? The key to creating a successful and memorable cocktail party, is finding a good balance. (e.g., Which venue will you choose? Which catering service is best suited for your chosen theme? How will you keep your guests entertained?)

There is much to ponder on, but don’t worry if you’re feeling overwhelmed; in this post we’re going to explore some Sydney cocktail party entertainment ideas. Have a read through and see if you can find some inspiration for your next corporate party!

Let’s kickstart this cocktail party with a couple of brilliant theme ideas

When it comes to picking a theme for your cocktail party, you have so much to choose from. There are many tried and tested ideas, such as the ‘tropical island’ / ‘beach theme’, or the ‘Hollywood red-carpet event style’. So, you can either roll with the safer options, or go bold and try something a little more adventurous – The only limitation is your imagination!

1 – ‘The Speakeasy’

A classic favourite theme is ‘the speakeasy’. A 1920’s/30’s theme where guests can get dressed up to the nines in elaborate sparkly dresses and dapper suits, sip on finely crafted cocktails and swing their way into the early hours of the morning  to some lindy hop classics.

Other variations of this theme include: Guys and Dolls, Gangsters & Mob-wives, Masquerade Ball, International Spy, Great Gatsby and more. People love these types of themes because they can let their hair down, do a little roleplaying and have a whole lot of fun putting their costumes together.

2 – ‘Futuristic Theme’

You can get much enjoyment out of the futuristic theme, particularly when it comes to the dressing up! You can implement extravagant lighting themes, have fun with UV paint and create glow-in-the-dark displays with funky furniture! That, and if you’re catering to a younger crowd you can secure a brilliant techno DJ to complete the vibe.

3 – ‘Retro Circus’

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a glass of champagne poured for you by an aerial performer at a ‘retro circus’ cocktail party event? Well, now you have. This theme is an ideal solution for a truly refined, yet wonderfully quirky corporate event.

You can put your own personal twist on this if you like the sound of aerial performers, jugglers and magicians, but would like for your guests to get dressed up in silly sideshow costumes as well. Or you can stick to the black-tie approach, it really is up to you!

Now for some awesome entertainment ideas to captivate your guests

No cocktail party is truly complete without some incredible entertainment. You can have all of the food and booze in the world, but without something to break it all up, people will get bored rather quickly. So, we’re going to share some awesome entertainment ideas which will help you captivate your guests and create a truly memorable experience.

1 – DJ / Live Band

Hiring a DJ or a live band is an absolute must for any cocktail party – You have to have an awesome soundtrack to your event so that people can get up and dance and enjoy themselves. Simply putting together a Spotify playlist and letting it run in the background won’t do. Think about the sort of theme that you’re rolling with and decide what will be best (e.g., a vibrant jazz band for a Speakeasy event; or a banging techno DJ for the Futuristic theme)

2 – Cocktail Flair Bars

For the most immersive cocktail party, you’ll want to invest in a flair bar. That way your guests can witness an impressive display of artistry whilst their talented mixologists serve them some delicious drinks. This will have everyone snapping photos and taking videos, making your corporate event ‘Insta-worthy’.

3 – Contortionists / Dancers & Physical Performers

There’s nothing quite as entertaining as watching someone do something incredible with their body, which most people couldn’t even dream of being able to pull-off without breaking their necks! This entertainment idea works wonderfully with the ‘Retro Circus’ theme and will have your guests wondering around in constant awe!

4 – LED & Laser Displays

If you’re looking for something a little more futuristic then you should consider some LED & laser shows to wow your audience. They’re brilliant, exciting and thrilling to watch.

But of course, you have to be mindful of throwing this type of party. If you have one or more members of staff who suffer from epilepsy or are particularly vulnerable to flashing lights, then you must choose a different theme altogether – Otherwise you’d be defeating the object of hosting a corporate event entirely. Try to be as inclusive as possible and carefully consider your chosen theme & entertainment ideas.

5 – Props & Photobooths

Props & photobooths give you a unique opportunity to encourage your guests to take loads of photos and share them on social media. You could even come up with your very own #hashtag for guests to use on Instagram.

So, your employees will have a whole lot of fun sharing, smiling and laughing together; but you’ll also be painting a great brand image on social media. Being seen as taking care of your employees and throwing an awesome bash to reward their hard work is a smart move indeed!


  • Have fun with the planning process and don’t be afraid to ask the professionals for help
  • Be mindful of theme and entertainment ideas (e.g., How can you include all of your employees without putting anyone in an uncomfortable situation?)
  • Creating a theme for a cocktail party is a great way to inspire different entertainment ideas
  • Go all out on music
  • Flair bars are a must-have for cocktail parties
  • Take the time to recognise and reward your employees hard work