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Here at Funktionality, we understand that planning a party with little experience can be terribly stressful, particularly given just how much there is to think about! It doesn’t matter if it’s a wedding, bucks, hens, birthday or even a corporate event; you’re going to have your work cut out for you. You have to worry about the guests list, the venue, how much budget you have to spend and so much more, but none quite so important as the entertainment! After all, what good is a party if it isn’t going to be in the slightest bit entertaining for your attendees?

Fortunately for you, there are so many exciting entertainment ideas for parties in Sydney, and you have the pick of the lot! If you’re interested in hiring entertainment services for your next event, then you should read on for some inspiration! In this article we’re going to explore some different options for you.

1 – You Can’t Go Wrong with a DJ or a Live Band

OK, so perhaps it’s not the most creative of entertainment ideas for parties, but it’s a pretty solid alternative to just smashing out one of your Spotify playlists! Depending on the type of event and your target audience you could choose anything from a popular cover group; a banging DJ to keep your guests moving to both the latest, and to the greatest dance classics; or a snazzy Jazz band for the ‘fancier’ events.

2 – Stand-Up Comedian

Laughter is the answer to all of our problems, there’s no denying that. Which is why hiring a stand-up comedian to perform at your next event is an excellent entertainment option. Again, you can tailor the comedian to your guests, rolling with some light-hearted observational comedy, – or something a little bolder & more outrageous!

3 – Flair Bars & Smashing Cocktails!

This handy idea is a convenient way of fusing two very important aspects of a party together: booze and entertainment. Having a luscious choice of cocktails to choose from, fancily flared by a host of talented mixologists is a great way to create a truly memorable party experience!

4 – Art Displays, Live Art Performances & Caricaturists

Again this is very much down to taste and depends largely on the type of people who will be attending your event, however it is a creative idea which when done properly can produce wonderful results: – Commissioning a popular gallery to display some of their artwork around the venue; hiring some intriguing live art performances; or having a couple of witty caricaturists create hilarious renditions of your attendees, which they will be able to take home with them.

5 – Add a Little ‘Ooo’ to Your Event with a Mentalist / Mindreader

What makes having a talented mentalist or ‘mind-reader’ at an event so awesome, is when you get to see the look on the: “I’m far too mentally strong to fall for that nonsense”, person’s face after they’ve just had their mind BLOWN! And in addition to that, it’s just plain fun and thought-provoking.


These are just a handful of the many entertainment ideas for parties in Sydney. However, hopefully you will have drawn some inspiration from this article. If you would like to explore our services further and find out more about the many entertainment options that we can provide for you; then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today! We’re always happy to help.