Strings on Fire

Award winning entertainers, Strings on Fire, combine sophisticated circus stunts with live music in a breathtaking show that has earned them the reputation of Australia’s hottest musical duo! Fusing violin, tango and fire performance with a unique combination of circus stunts this scorching hot pair’s exceptional show highlights their tremendous circus skills and impeccable musicianship.

Request for particular formats to suit your specific entertainment needs (e.g. audience approach, fire restrictions), or choose from the tried and true show options inclusive of:

  • Baroque to Rock
  • Liqueur Flambé
  • Velvet Royale
  • Undercover Violinists

Baroque to Rock

This dynamic high end Circus-Violin show takes you on a journey from Mozart to ACDC.  With comedy, explosive drama and skillfully executed circus stunts, it’s a big favourite.

Perfect for the themes: Renaissance, Baroque, Ball / Masked Ball, Dark Circus and Alice in Wonderland

Liqueur Flambé

Fusing Violin, Circus Stunts and Fire Performance,  this award-winning show is an astonishing combination of fire with violin as never seen before. Featuring the signature ‘FireBows’, the fire component of the show can be tailored to your venue.

Perfect for the themes: Venetian, Renaissance, Baroque, Ball / Masked Ball, Dark Circus and Arabian

Velvet Royale

More than just violin: an astounding mix of sensational Circus Stunts, passionate Tango, dazzling LED elements, breathtaking violin solos and production.

Perfect for themes: Venetian, renaissance, Baroque, Ball / Masked Ball, Dark Circus

Undercover Violinists

Ask about an Ambush Opening to a Feature Show.  Your guests will think they are about to enjoy a violin recital, but after a soaring concerto cadenza, things get interesting!  Expect the unexpected!