Gold Mesh Tripod Plant Stand

  • Add height to your floral displays
  • Fantastic for displaying hanging flora
  • Accentuates gold-accented themes


Our Gold Mesh Tripod Plant Stand is now available for hire from Sydney, Australia. The piece keeps in mind functionality, as well as style. The gold colour gives the stand a luxurious feel, in turn, making every decorative piece it displays a fancy feel. When used as a floral display, it adds height and dynamic to the overall presentation. It is best used for floral pieces that hang over, or require height like Berry Hanging Sprays or Vines. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor venue styling. Create a ‘Golden’ space by pairing it with our Gold Facet Side Table and Black Round Bar Table with Gold Accents

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Additional information

Dimensions34 × 24 × 80 cm