Meet the serene and sublime Cloudmen. Inspired by the popular Belgian Surrealist artist, Rene Magritte, they incorporate the artist’s signature elements – the Businessman, the Umbrella, the Apple and the magnificent blue sky and perfect clouds. They are works/walks of art by themselves.

They create a vibrant eye feast, slowly, peacefully promenading your event, doffing their hats in pleasant greeting. These mild mannered gentlemen are showstoppers for photographs. At night the lights inside the umbrella illuminate the costume in an exquisite surreal manner.


La Galerie Mobile pride themselves in using only the finest of materials in our collection. Our vision is to bring our viewer on a textural exploration that we hope inspires awe at the intricate craftsmanship involved in the creation of every piece.

We are walks of art, moving art pieces. A series of art inspired costumes, designed by Andrea Davies and created with Sid Sidlow. They are walk about acts with unique and individual characters sympathetic to each creation. Our signature umbrellas transform these beautiful daytime acts into self-illuminated nighttime spectaculars.