Flameless LED – Candle – Pillar


  • Mimics the ambient lighting of a real candle
  • Fantastic for setting the tone of your setting
  • Easy to operate

Available in different sizes

  • 7cm D x 10cm H (plastic and textured)
  • 7cm D x 12cm H (plastic)
  • 7cm D x 15cm H (textured)


Our Flameless LED Pillar Candles now available for hire! These pieces are great for creating an intimate ambience, especially for events with fire concerns. As a minimalistic piece, it is a fantastic addition for a variety of themes and general functions. The piece looks realistic, and is a lot less fickly than a real candle. Without the dangers of flame or damage, this piece has a lot of styling potential. It is best paired with our Centrepieces.

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