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Professional RPA service – peace of mind for your event!

Rapid Antigen Tests are easy to use, fast and reliable, giving confidence to your staff & clients to attend events & the office.


What is Rapid Antigen Testing?

A screening tool to help detect COVID-19 in people without any symptoms. It is ready for use and contains all equipment needed to conduct the test. The tests involve a nasal swab (using a small cotton bud) that is placed into a chemical solution. We ensure that the process aligns with your business or event needs whilst complying with COVID-19 Safe work plans.

Testing is carried out under the supervision of a health practitioner who has been trained to use the device and interpret the results. Results are uploaded via a software application which generates a digital certificate on your mobile phone.


What Rapid Antigen Tests will be used?

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has registered devices for use under the supervision of a health care professional. The TGA approved product will provide a QR code to an app which walks the participant through how to conduct the test after inputting personal details.

Picture of RAT2-1
Picture of RAT-IMAGE-1

Benefits of Rapid Antigen Testing:

Results are available within 10-15 minutes and multiple guests can be tested at the same time – making it fast and efficient for any event.

Regular Rapid Antigen Testing has shown to be 98% as effective as PCR testing.

Identifies COVID-19 positive individuals before they access the workplace – effectively reducing the costly process of deep cleaning, closure of business and forced isolation.


Testing in the workplace:

Testing 2-3 times per week before work is recommended as a minimum for full time employees.

The test centre is a clinically controlled environment outside of the workplace that maintains social distancing.

There must be compulsory PPE including face masks, clinical gloves, visors, disposable biohazard suits and hairnets. Sanitiser, C-19 cleaning products and a cleaning and sanitising schedule.

If an employee gets a positive rapid antigen result, our staff will follow the NSW health guidelines by isolating the positive case from the testing area immediately. They will be advised to get a PCR test to confirm their result and isolate until they get a negative result from NSW Health. This will help break the chains of transmission and limit the spread of COVID-19.