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Incentives are like entertainment, they’re a funny old thing; what is the height of entertainment and amusement for one person could well be the most boring thing in the world for another.  Of course, this is just another example of the amazing variety and independence within our species, but it can cause an array of problems if you are responsible for planning the incentives for your staff or entertainment for an important event.  Many companies, big and small, use entertainment driven events to network and gather new clients, reward their staff or simply for advertising purposes amongst many other possible reasons; therefore, being responsible for planning an event that is intended to cater to the widest possible audience can be a very tricky proposition.  Fortunately, we’re here to help!

Incentivise this!

The baseline of incentivisation is that you wish to provoke a fundamental change in one aspect of your employees, whether this is increased productivity, improved morale, reducing waste or any of nearly countless other reasons.  Attempting to launch into an incentivisation program requires a firm vision beforehand as without a razor-sharp focus, it will almost certainly result in mixed messages and crossed agendas.  This in turn will not provide the results you were hoping for, and if anything, can actually end up making things worse.

However, once you know what you want to achieve, then you need to decide what carrot you wish to dangle to reach this goal.  This really comes down to knowing your employees and understanding what will motivate them.  For some people, a cash incentive is enough, but for many this is will not suffice as it lacks certain psychological aspects that people feel they need from rewards.  Basically, many people seek to work hard for the recognition, and this is not meant to sound egotistical, it is far more in line with the reasoning that emergency services staff work long, hard hours and have to put up with a lot, but many of them will say a simple thank you is all they really need to keep going a lot of the time.  This demonstrates that the act of recognition can really go a long way.

Demonstrating recognition

Showing your staff that you care about them and truly appreciate their hard work can be done in many ways, some more successful than others.  However, a successful management tactic is to let employees know that there will be a great reward for all of their hard work, if they can achieve a certain goal – the aforementioned incentivisation of staff.  So, if we discount providing a financial incentive and look towards options that can provide wider recognition and boost morale overall, then event days, entertainment, meals and alike are brilliant options.  All of these types of event incorporate team building aspects as your staff will be there together, but they will also be able to let their hair down and have fun!  This is often the best kind of recognition for many companies, as it has the ability to reach the widest possible demographic, and even those who aren’t overly interested are unlikely to turn away the recognition of a job well done.

Entertaining the masses

If you want to provide entertainment for your staff, be that for an afternoon, an evening, a whole day or even longer, then we will undoubtedly have something in our wide array of options that will provide a truly memorable experience.  As a corporate events entertainment company, we have just about every kind of entertainment imaginable on our books and ready for your event.  Perhaps treating your staff to an evening of music and entertainment is the way to incentivise them effectively, and if so we have you covered, but there is a limit to how much a certain reward can provide an incentive.  This tends to mean that the bigger the expected task, the bigger the reward needs to be.  This can be a balancing act but, generally speaking, if you know your staff then you should be able to develop a pretty good idea of what will engage them.  If you are unsure then our planners and organisers can work with you and your staff to develop a customised event or even something bigger that will provide a suitable incentive.

Does bigger always mean better?

Having an open and honest relationship with your staff is generally the best way to get results as they will feel a sense of inclusion and ownership over what happens and the actions they take towards the company’s goals.  However, when thinking about incentives, the bigger the task you are asking of your staff, such as hitting a large sales target or a significant reduction in waste costs, then, generally speaking, the better the reward you will need to offer to achieve the same level of engagement.  This is due to a bigger goal potentially feeling like an insurmountable task, and by offering a significantly large incentive, your staff should feel as though you genuinely believe in their ability to succeed.  Of course, you need to be careful and make sure you don’t ask for something that is genuinely unobtainable otherwise you run the risk of destroying staff morale.

Destination – Fun!

You might ask what is bigger than an evening of food and entertainment, well the answer to that is an experience or adventure weekend.  As a destination management company, we can provide a full package that will offer your top performers an amazing experience that will not only drive them to achieve your company goals, but also ensure there is a payoff like no other.  We can organise the entire experience end to end and make sure that there is no extra stress placed on you to plan anything.  The best part is that when your successful staff return from their experience, not only will they be feeling on top of the world, highly valued and loving their jobs, but they will be raring to go and want to succeed even more to get onto the next experience!  This is the true power of incentivisation – a happy, productive and engaged workforce.